dear all, 

Since “post by email” feature is not working in wordpress for this wordpress-profile, i am temporarily updating this blog in blogger sridharvembu.blogspot.in, Once, i build a new fresh website on sridhar vembu, i will move all blogs to it, till then plz follow us at blogger



“But I cannot guarantee that you will do extremely well financiallyl, because no body in this world can make that promise. I cannot guarantee that most of our products or even any of our products will actually succeed. I cannot even guarantee that AdventNet will be a very strong company in 5 years. These are all in the realm of “unknowables” or “undecidables”. Not even Bill Gates can guarantee any of these with respect to Microsoft – such is the nature of this business” – SV, 19-Apr-2004, in his blog, “Career Achievements Review”


dear zohocorp-team & svembu,

my new yr request to zohocorp

currently, this is my primary link, i share in my social-media profiles https://www.google.co.in/#q=manoj+thansi

In future, i wish to have https://www.zoho.com/#q=manoj+thansi

manoj thansi

dear svembu, i request u to replace the title for your blog to "universal outlook, our life stability and our life security"



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